Our Team

Tricia Wright

Tricia Wright, B.Sc. (Honors Psychology), M.Ed. (Counselling), RCC, CCC

Counsellor, Owner – She/Her/Hers

Tricia works with adults 18+.
*Tricia is not currently accepting new clients*

About Tricia Wright

Tricia earned her B.Sc in Psychology and her M.Ed Counselling from UNBC in her home town of Prince George, BC.  She worked as a program coordinator in a street-level, non-profit organization that supported marginalized pregnant women and families as well as a Team Leader for Northern Health in detoxification and methadone maintenance programs. She is birth doula and has a keen focus on women’s perinatal mental health (infertility, assisted reproductive technology, pregnancy, pregnancy loss, post-partum, infant loss, and therapeutic terminations). She is working toward international certification in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and is also adept at working with men who are struggling. She is sensitive to the unique needs and challenges of LGBTQIA2S+ individuals.

Tricia prioritizes trauma-informed practice with a focus on safe, person-centered, attachment-focused, emotion-focused therapy. Tricia is skillful at working with a variety of challenges such as mental illness, addictions, life transitions, grief and loss, trauma, self-worth, employment difficulties, and relationship challenges.  Her authentic, curious, and warm disposition creates a safe and enriching therapeutic experience for individuals and couples.

Olga Morrow

Olga Morrow, B.A. (English), MEd (Counselling), RCC, CCC

Counsellor, Owner – She/Her/Hers

Olga is an FNHA provider and works with adults and youth 16+.

*Olga is currently on medical leave until further notice*

About Olga Morrow

Olga is a long-time resident of Prince George. She had a successful career in the beauty industry for many years as a stylist, educator and eventually a salon owner. While honing her skills of creating relationships and connecting with clients, she realized her passion for helping people, not only on the outside, but more importantly, on the inside. Olga’s compassion and empathetic personality helped her create a safe space where clients would share. To this end, she felt compelled to want to help in a more meaningful way and her love of research led her to return to school. She decided to change careers and further her education, initially earning her Bachelor’s in English and completing a year of the Education program. This wasn’t quite the right fit, so she carried on and subsequently completed her MEd in Counselling at UNBC.

Olga has extensive experience in managing mental health and addictions. She has trained with Gabor Mate in Compassionate Inquiry. She has a person-centred, trauma-informed, narrative therapy approach with specialized training in Emotional Focused Therapy (attachment based) for individuals, couples, and family.

Olga is a dedicated professional, committed to helping her clients co-create healing and find peace so they are able to live their best life and reach their full potential.

Kiran Ghag

Kiran Ghag, BSc (Honours Psychology), M.Ed. Counselling

Counsellor – She/Her/Hers

Kiran works with adults and youth 12+.

*Kiran offers only online/telephone sessions*

About Kiran Ghag

Kiran has been a resident of Prince George her entire life and completed her BSc Psychology in 2018, at which time she began her MEd Counselling (both at UNBC). Her interest in mental health started from some of her volunteer roles and strengthened through additional experiences. She has experience as a former Crisis Line Worker at the Crisis Centre of Northern BC, a Peer Support Mentor at UNBC, and as a School Counsellor at Prince George Secondary School (for her practicum). Currently, she also volunteers at the Prince George Hospice Society and offers grief support. Furthermore, she has been involved in numerous research projects at UNBC and has been employed at the Prince George Public Library for over 8 years. Kiran also speaks 3 languages (English, Punjabi, and Hindi).

Kiran has experience working with adults of all ages, as well as youth (aged 9 and older). She practices an array of therapeutic methods and operates through a trauma-informed, person-centered lens. During sessions, she uses techniques drawn from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), as well as Crisis Counselling. In addition, she also has training for running a psychoeducational mindfulness group for teens. Regardless of the reason you are pursuing counselling, Kiran believes she can create a comfortable atmosphere, where the client is heard and has the freedom to lead the session if they choose, while she provides collaboration along with support.

Callista Vagt

Callista Vagt, MEd, RCC

Counsellor – She/Her/Hers

Callista works with adults 18+.

*Callista is not currently accepting new clients*

About Callista Vagt

My name is Callista Vagt and I am an advocate for destigmatizing mental health in our community. This involves not only supporting those that struggle to maintain good mental health, but also talking openly about the challenges. Additionally, I advocate for Prince George to support the arts, hiking and biking trails, and community events, all of which have been proven by research to create good mental health in a community. I have been working as a counsellor for 3 years but have had a lifetime of experience that has brought me to this place. I have a Bachelor of General Studies from Simon Fraser University, and I focused my studies on Learning Disabilities and History. I have been a teacher in our district for 17 years, often working with vulnerable youth and their families. I am currently working as a counsellor in our Alternative Community Programs.

I completed the Masters in Education Counselling at UNBC, studying under Dr. Linda O’Neill, an expert in trauma counselling. I was exceptionally grateful to be mentored in my 10-month practicum by both Dr Linda O’Neill and noted couple’s counsellor Dr. John Sherry. I worked with a variety of clients, including couples, and though I am not qualified to counsel couples yet, I have learned many tools that I apply in my practice daily.

I gravitate toward trauma survivors and their loved ones, likely because I have seen how difficult it can be to find adequate care, but I truly enjoy working with all humans. I keep myself mentally regulated with outdoor activities, an awareness of my own desire to help others, and a firm belief in brain plasticity, all concepts I love to share with my clients if they are curious.

I adhere to the Rogerian theory that states that “everyone is the expert in their own lives.” I direct my counselling approach to what works for my clients. That being said, I am especially excited to share concepts and theories from Emotionally Focused, Attachment, Narrative, Dialectical Behaviour, and Cognitive Behavioural Theories.

Being a survivor of my own mental health challenges allows me a unique perspective of what hope can look like and how to find it. No one is a problem to be fixed, no matter the past trauma or present issues. I hope to communicate this to every client I encounter and help them to develop their own self awareness and personal compassion.

Cassidy closer photo

Cassidy Carter, RPC-C

Counsellor – She/Her/Hers

Cassidy works with adults and youth 16+.

About Cassidy Carter

Cassidy grew up in Fraser Lake, B.C. and relocated to Prince George in 2015. After several years of working in the beauty industry, she discovered what she loved most was connecting with her clients and providing them a space to feel heard. This led Cassidy to pursue this atmosphere for individuals at a deeper level. She has earned a Diploma of Applied Psychology and Counselling and continues to become a Registered Professional Counsellor Candidate (RPC-C). 

When supporting individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, loss, body image and eating challenges, Cassidy uses a person-centered, attachment, and emotion focused therapy approach. She prioritizes her relationship with clients and values autonomy, safety, and curiosity in sessions. Cassidy has taken additional training in working with clients who experience eating disorders, and plans on expanding her education in this area further. Cassidy works with individuals of all genders including the LGBTQIA2S+ community. 

Kimberly Brown

Kimberly Brown, BA (Psychology), M.Ed. (Counselling)

Counsellor – She/Her/Hers

Kimberly is an FNHA provider and works with children (4+), youth and adults.

*Kim is only accepting new clients age 12+ at this time*

About Kimberly Brown

Kim earned her B.A. in Psychology at Thompson Rivers University and her M.Ed. Counselling from the University of Northern BC.  Kim has worked in many roles supporting parents and their children.  Kim also has experience supporting adoptive families and families involved with MCFD.

Kim enjoys using creative modalities including play therapy and music therapy in working with children and youth.  She also has experience using art therapy with children, youth, and adults of all ages. She has broad knowledge of the struggles individuals experience when challenged by Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.  Kim works from a trauma-informed lens with a focus on culturally-sensitive, person-centered, strengths-based therapy.  Kim is skilled at providing support through many of life’s challenges such as parenting challenges, mental illness, working through trauma, and building confidence in employment, education, and other areas of life.

Maddy Wilson

Maddy Wilson, B.A., M.A. (Environmental Studies), M.Ed. (Counselling)

Counsellor – She/Her

Maddy works with clients aged 12-30 years.

*Maddy is currently on parental leave and is not accepting new clients*

About Maddy Wilson

I have been a guest on Lheidli T’enneh territory (Prince George) since 2015. Since this time, I have been committed to learning about this place and building community, connecting especially with organizations providing low-barrier mental health and harm reduction supports to youth and adults. 

In my counselling practice, I strive to create a safe container for young people to explore themselves in relationship with their complex worlds. In my previous experience providing drop-in counselling services at Foundry Prince George, I supported youth to navigate a wide variety of life stressors and hard stuff, including challenges in relationships, grief and loss, identity formation, and overwhelming emotions or experiences. I am committed to honoring youths’ autonomy and strive to empower their own self-knowledge and meaning-making. I practice from a trauma-informed, person-centered perspective; while integrating an array of counselling strategies and philosophies, I am particularly interested in narrative therapies.  

Reaching out to connect with a counsellor or any kind of support is a brave and bold first step. If you think you might be interested in learning more about counselling and about me, I look forward to meeting you wherever you are at in your own process of discovery and unfolding. 


Keya Russell, MSW, RSW

Counsellor – She/Her/Hers

Keya Russell works with clients 18+

About Keya Russell

I believe clients are the experts in their own lives. In our sessions, we can create a space for reflection, exploration, growth and acceptance. I often take an anti-oppressive approach and seek to understand clients within their environmental contexts.

I have always been curious about understanding the human experience, which led me to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Simon Fraser University and a Master of Social Work from the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC). At UNBC, I counselled students and co-facilitated a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction group as well as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy anxiety group. I am interested in the benefits of using mindfulness techniques to support awareness and grounding.

My primary career focus has been supporting older adults and their caregivers as they transition to Complex Care. I have worked with families experiencing major life transitions, family system reorganization, caregiver stress as well as grief and loss. Providing support to families with complex dynamics has led me to be begin training in Emotionally Focused Therapy with a specific interest in families.

Overall, I strongly believe clients are resilient and capable. I am committed to supporting clients to live creative and empowered lives.


Katie Gable, MSW, RSW

Counsellor – She/Her/Hers

Katie Gable is an FNHA provider and works with clients 12+

About Katie Gable

Hi, my name is Katie and I am clinical social worker and therapist. I live, work, play, and raise my family on the unceded traditional territories of the Lheidli T’enneh First Nation where I also obtained a Masters Degree with the University of Northern British Columbia. Due to living in a northern region, I chose to focus my studies on the specific clinical needs of those living in rural and northern communities. I have been studying and working in the field of Social Work for 13 years and have primarily focused on clinical practice for the past 7 years. The majority of my time was spent working within Indigenous agencies and more recently with family employment assistant programs (EFAP) helping to support children, adults, families and communities with a variety of issues including but not limited to collective trauma, individual trauma, anxiety, depression, loss, life transitions, family conflict, suicidal ideation, eating disorders and self esteem.

I strive to create trusting and authentic relationships with each one my clients, as I believe this to be one of the determining factors for a successful therapeutic outcome. I can offer you a culturally safe space to explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences without feeling judged or devalued, while helping you to find your inner strength to move forward in life. I primarily practice humanistic/ client-centered therapy while pulling from a number of other approaches including structural, Solution focused, CBT, trauma-informed, mindfulness, narrative, DBT and motivational interviewing. I work with people from all walks of life, ages 12 and up, offering short term counseling in times of crises or long term counseling to explore deeper issues.

A little about me, I am a very family orientated and spend my personal time catching up with family and friends, attending to my growing boys, and walking my dog by the river. I partake in many activities throughout the year including gardening, kayaking, camping, snowboarding and travel- among others. My priority is happiness and health, and like most, I do my best to provide this for my family and myself. I strive to live congruently in my professional and personal life and in order to maintain the congruency I focus on self- care, self-exploration and self- love. We are all on a journey so lets not walk it alone. Feel free to connect with me and we can chat to see what your next step might be .


Elsa Felker MSW, RSW, B.A. CYC 

Counsellor – She/Her/Hers

Elsa Felker works with clients 18+

About Elsa Felker

Dedicated to helping individuals discover pathways to healing, I specialize in strength-based, respectful, and motivational approaches. My focus lies in supporting clients navigating loss, grief, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and situational crises. With a commitment to diversity, humility, and cultural safety, I draw from various therapeutic techniques, including narrative therapy, client-centred therapy, solution-focused counselling, coaching, and mindfulness.

My extensive career in healthcare and human services has brought me to both urban and rural communities in British Columbia. With 28 years of experience, my engagement style is rooted in authenticity, recognition, and validation.

I’m a Registered Social Worker with a Master of Social Work from the University of Northern British Columbia and a Bachelor of Child and Youth Care from the University of Victoria. Let’s work together to discover your pathways to healing and well-being.

“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light” —Brene Brown

From Our Clients

“Tricia’s experience as a Doula and then as a counsellor gave her a well-rounded understanding of our situation that immediately made me feel at ease.  Tricia helped me understand the complexity of our loss and taught me how to sit with my grief so that I could come to understand and manage it from a place of compassion and patience for myself that I’d never before possessed.”


“I have known Olga Morrow for six years now. From my first meeting with her

I was struck by her emotional bravery and self honesty. Olga has one of the
most generous spirits I have encountered and I believe her clients will grow
in the presence of that spirit. Several years ago Olga asked me if I would be
a reference for her in entering graduate training as a therapist. I’ve been a
therapist for over thirty years, and it was one of the easiest references I’ve
ever written.”
Susan Armstrong

M.Ed. R.C.C.

“Tricia made all the difference in the world”

Former Client

When I first met Olga, what stood out for me was her kindness and gentle nature. Years later, I can say these are still her strongest qualities. I’ve personally had the privilege of learning from her and receiving counselling from her, and now refer women to her to benefit from her trauma informed, anti-oppressive practice.” 

Lynne Stewart


“Her compassion and professional demeanour promote free expression of ideas and emotions in the atmosphere of safety and mutual respect.  Tricia works hard to assist her clients in solving most complex personal issues.

I would strongly recommend Tricia Wright as a therapist for a wide range of mental health problems”

Dmitri Zanozin