Our Team

“What we don’t need in the amidst of struggle is shame for being human”
– Brene Brown

Tricia Wright, B.Sc. (Honors Psychology), M.Ed. (Counselling), RCC, CCC

Tricia Wright, B.Sc. (Honors Psychology), M.Ed. (Counselling), RCC, CCC

Counsellor, Owner


Tricia earned her B.Sc in Psychology and her M.Ed Counselling from UNBC in her home town of Prince George, BC.  She worked as a program coordinator in a street-level, non-profit organization that supported marginalized pregnant women and families as well as a Team Leader for Northern Health in detoxification and methadone maintenance programs. She is birth doula and has a keen focus on women’s perinatal mental health (infertility, assisted reproductive technology, pregnancy, pregnancy loss, post-partum, infant loss, and therapeutic terminations). She is working toward international certification in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and is also adept at working with men who are struggling. She is sensitive to the unique needs and challenges of LGBTQIA2S+ individuals.

Tricia prioritizes trauma-informed practice with a focus on safe, person-centered, attachment-focused, emotion-focused therapy. Tricia is skillful at working with a variety of challenges such as mental illness, addictions, life transitions, grief and loss, trauma, self-worth, employment difficulties, and relationship challenges.  Her authentic, curious, and warm disposition creates a safe and enriching therapeutic experience for individuals and couples.

Olga Morrow, B.A. (English), MEd (Counselling), RCC, CCC

Olga Morrow, B.A. (English), MEd (Counselling), RCC, CCC

Counsellor, Owner


Olga is a long-time resident of Prince George. She had a successful career in the beauty industry for many years as a stylist, educator and eventually a salon owner. While honing her skills of creating relationships and connecting with clients, she realized her passion for helping people, not only on the outside, but more importantly, on the inside. Olga’s compassion and empathetic personality helped her create a safe space where clients would share. To this end, she felt compelled to want to help in a more meaningful way and her love of research led her to return to school. She decided to change careers and further her education, initially earning her Bachelor’s in English and completing a year of the Education program. This wasn’t quite the right fit, so she carried on and subsequently completed her MEd in Counselling at UNBC.

Olga has extensive experience in managing mental health and addictions. She has trained with Gabor Mate in Compassionate Inquiry. She has a person-centred, trauma-informed, narrative therapy approach with specialized training in Emotional Focused Therapy (attachment based) for individuals, couples, and family.

Olga is a dedicated professional, committed to helping her clients co-create healing and find peace so they are able to live their best life and reach their full potential.

Deanna West, BA (Psychology), M.Ed. Counselling (In Progress)

Deanna West, BA (Psychology), M.Ed. Counselling (In Progress)



Deanna completed a Bachelor of Arts from UBC with a major in psychology and minor in sociology. She cultivated her passion for mental health through experience in organizations such as Big Sisters of BC, facilitating programs at community centres for children and families, and working in special education. This led her to Prince George to obtain a Master’s degree in counselling from UNBC, which included a practicum at the Community Counselling Centre. In the midst of completing her thesis, Deanna worked at a local organization providing mental health counselling to children and families.

Deanna has experience counselling adults and children of all ages.  She practices a variety of therapeutic methods from a trauma-informed foundation, such as art therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, and narrative therapy. She also has training in Emotion Focused Family Therapy and expressive play therapy. Deanna believes that we all have a fundamental need to be heard and understood, and collaboratively creates a space where clients can feel safe and supported.

Please Note: as Deanna is completing her thesis she is not yet registered as a professional counsellor, and this could affect reimbursement through benefits providers.  Please contact us if you have questions.

From Our Clients

“Tricia’s experience as a Doula and then as a counsellor gave her a well-rounded understanding of our situation that immediately made me feel at ease.  Tricia helped me understand the complexity of our loss and taught me how to sit with my grief so that I could come to understand and manage it from a place of compassion and patience for myself that I’d never before possessed.”


“I have known Olga Morrow for six years now. From my first meeting with her

I was struck by her emotional bravery and self honesty. Olga has one of the
most generous spirits I have encountered and I believe her clients will grow
in the presence of that spirit. Several years ago Olga asked me if I would be
a reference for her in entering graduate training as a therapist. I’ve been a
therapist for over thirty years, and it was one of the easiest references I’ve
ever written.”
Susan Armstrong

M.Ed. R.C.C.

“Tricia made all the difference in the world”

Former Client

When I first met Olga, what stood out for me was her kindness and gentle nature. Years later, I can say these are still her strongest qualities. I’ve personally had the privilege of learning from her and receiving counselling from her, and now refer women to her to benefit from her trauma informed, anti-oppressive practice.” 

Lynne Stewart


“Her compassion and professional demeanour promote free expression of ideas and emotions in the atmosphere of safety and mutual respect.  Tricia works hard to assist her clients in solving most complex personal issues.

I would strongly recommend Tricia Wright as a therapist for a wide range of mental health problems”

Dmitri Zanozin